the NICE Af guidelines are out for consultation
There are some surprising recommendations. For the record, I have not had any involvement in the process and neither has the BHRS but we will be commenting. I hope they listen.

Giving out leaflets is not enough to encourage older people to exercise. Setting person-centred goals, building relationships across pathways and addressing socioeconomic barriers also necessary #BGSconf


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Great lecture/overview by @smithECGBlog on the Abbott hs #troponin I assay, including UTROPIA & High-STEACS data, that includes @HennepinHC @hcmcEM approach to MI diagnosis incorporating the @HighSTEACS <5 ng/L threshold for single-sample rule-out (nL ECG, not early presenters)

Stephen W. Smith@smithECGBlog

I recorded a 38 minute lecture on Zoom:
Implementation of Abbott Architect High Sensitivity Troponin I in the ED.
You can find the link to here:

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